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  Here is some information on dog and cat behavior from the ASPCA:

Behavior tips:


1. Excessive Barking
Dogs bark-a lot. They bark when they want something, when they're having fun, when they feel frustrated, and when defending their territory-to name just a few reasons. If you think your dog barks excessively, your first job is to find out why.

2. Elimination Outside the Litter Box
At least ten percent of pet cats develop litter box problems-and most stem from the animal's aversion to the kind of litter used or the type and/or location of the box. Did you know that the majority of felines prefer a large, uncovered box with unscented litter? And don't even think of scooping it out any less than once every day!

3. Destructive Chewing
Dogs chew for fun, they chew for stimulation and exercise, and they chew to relieve anxiety. But sometimes they chew things they shouldn't-like the leg on the new table, or all the shoes in your closet. And because your dog is not born knowing what is off limits, it's up to you to teach him.

4. Play Aggression
It's great fun and good exercise for your cat to stalk, chase, pounce, swat, kick, scratch and bite her toys. But you're not one of her toys!

5. Puppy Mouthing and Nipping
Puppies love to play with people. They'll chew on your fingers and toes, and investigate the rest of you with their mouths and teeth. It may be cute with they're seven weeks old, but not nearly so endearing at the ripe old age of five months.  One possible solution? Bite inhibition.  

6. Scratching
Cats love to scratch, and with good reason. They do it to mark territory, and they do it in play. It keeps their claws sharpened, and feels great when they're stretching. Alas, it doesn't look so great when they do it to your carpeting, drapes and furniture. Should you declaw your scratch-aholic?

7. Jumping Up
It's natural for puppies and dogs to jump on people when they say hello. Why? Because we're taller than they are! In attempting to reach our faces, they're simply trying to greet us the same way they'd greet another dog-nose-to-nose. Unfortunately, that doesn't stop you from getting ambushed, even if it is with 100-percent friendly intent.

8.  Urine Spraying
Does your cat engage in urine spraying? That stinks! Felines may spray outdoors during territorial disputes, aggressive conflicts and sexual encounters, but they can also spray indoors in response to conflicts between other cat residents or if they feel threatened by outside cats. This is one problem you'll want to solve quickly.

9. Urine Marking
A form of communication among dogs, urine marking is most likely to be seen in reproductively intact males, though neutered males and intact females may mark, too. What prompts a dog to do it in his own home? It's usually related to a perceived threat, such as an unfamiliar person or dog, or the introduction of something new-and that could be anything from a new pet to a grocery bag!

10. Nocturnal Activity
Your cat wants to eat, and drink, and play with his toy mouse, and knock things off the table, and stampede across your head... at 3 A.M.! Young cats in particular can drive their owners crazy from sleep deprivation, but don't worry-it is entirely possible to train your cat to let you get your ZZZs in peace.


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